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Henderson experiences a desert climate, characterized by its distinct seasonal changes and unique weather patterns.  Weather in and around Henderson shapes much of the city’s lifestyle, culture, economy, and architectural design. Adapting to the unique challenges of the desert climate, residents have cultivated a lifestyle embracing both the harshness and beauty of their environment. From outdoor activities tailored to the weather, to landscaping and architectural practices, Henderson’s response to its climate is a testament to the city’s resilience and ingenuity. Understanding and appreciating this interplay between weather and daily life is essential for anyone living in or visiting Henderson.

Understanding Henderson's Climate

Henderson’s weather is typically marked by hot summers and mild winters. The city enjoys an abundance of sunshine year-round, with low humidity levels. 

Summer temperatures often soar, making outdoor activities during midday challenging, while winters are generally mild and pleasant. This climate is typical of the Mojave Desert region, making Henderson an attractive destination for those seeking a warm, dry climate.

Henderson:  Elevation 1,864 ft (569 m)

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Henderson Weather Yearly Averages

Average High Temperature:  77.4 °F
Average Low Temperature:   48.2 °F
The Average Temperature in Henderson:  62.8 °F
Rainfall per year:  6.92 inches
Rainy Days per year average:  14 
Snowfall per year:  0″
Record Lowest temperature; 8  – Jan 13, 1963, Jan. 22, 1937
Record Highest temperature: 

Average Monthly
High & Low Temperatures (F°)

January  55°  /  31°
February  59°  /  35°
March  67 ° /  39°
April  75°  /  44°
May  88°  /  53°
June  95°  /  62°
July  103°  /  69°
August  100°  /  67°
September  91°  /  60°
October  77°  /  49°
November  63°  /  38°
December  53°  /  31°

Summer Weather in Henderson

Summers in Henderson are known for their high temperatures and intense sun.  During summer, daytime temperatures in Henderson can exceed 100°F, with July usually being the hottest month. Nights provide some relief but remain warm. Sun protection and hydration are crucial for residents and visitors. Despite the heat, summer evenings in Henderson can be enjoyable, with many outdoor activities and events taking place.  While extreme weather is rare, Henderson residents and visitors should be prepared for occasional weather-related events. Extreme heat in summer can pose health risks, making it important to stay hydrated and avoid outdoor activities during peak sun hours. On the rare occasions when rain does occur, it can lead to flash flooding in the desert terrain. Being aware of weather forecasts and taking necessary precautions during these times is essential for safety.

Winter Weather in Henderson

Winters in Henderson are generally mild, with cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall.  Winter months in Henderson see average daytime temperatures in the mid-50s to 60s°F. It’s a stark contrast to the summer heat, offering a more comfortable climate. Rainfall is infrequent but slightly more common in winter than in other seasons. These mild conditions make winter an ideal time for outdoor activities and exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding desert.

Spring and Fall Weather in Henderson

Spring and fall in Henderson offer transitional weather, marked by moderate temperatures and pleasant conditions.  Spring and fall are favorite times of the year for many Henderson residents. Temperatures are moderate, with highs typically in the 70s and 80s°F. These seasons are characterized by clear, sunny days and cool evenings, making them perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and community events.

Weather Influences on Economic Activities

Weather conditions in Henderson play a significant role in shaping the local economy, particularly in sectors like tourism and outdoor recreation.  The warm weather attracts tourists, especially during the cooler months, boosting the local hospitality and service industries. Outdoor recreation businesses thrive in Henderson’s climate, offering activities like golf, hiking, and water sports. The weather also impacts other economic sectors, such as construction and energy, where adaptations to the desert climate are necessary.

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