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Welcome to 1stHendersonGuide.com, your ultimate online resource for exploring the vibrant city of Henderson, Nevada. If you are a local resident, first-time visitor, conventioneer or a veteran traveler, this comprehensive city guide is designed to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations to enhance your experience in this iconic destination

1st Las Vegas Guide, We List Only the Best,

1st Las Vegas Guide World in Your Hands, 1stLasVegasGuide.com

Navigating through our website, you will discover a wealth of information. Our team of experts has assembled the best of the best.  We believe you have access to current and most accurate information. Henderson and the surrounding area, we have you covered.

If you are planning a weekend getaway, a business trip, or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, 1stHendersonGuide.com is your go-to resource. Start your journey now and let us be your trusted companion.

225+ 1sCityGuides.com Websites to Undergo Uniform Branding

This website is one of the 225+ city guides within the Reed Consortium collection of 850+ websites. These online cities’ guides were first created in 1999. The original Las Vegas city guide began as a paper magazine called Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas. 

To create a uniform look Reed Consortium developed, over the pass two decades, the top 225 city guides throughout the world with all sites starting with “1st” and ending with the word “Guide” before the dot com.

Updating Is Underway

1stCityGuide.com, the parent of the 225+ online city guides are all being updated at this time.  This project Richard Reed, owner of Reed Consortium, has decided to undertake to keep all sites cutting edge. This new direction will continue to deliver quality information to the resident and visitor to any of the city guides. The difference will be the ownership model of these 225+ online city guide websites.

Effective December 1, 2023 all 225+ online city guides are getting a complete makeover.  In addition to a new design there will be a future change in the ability for those interested to obtain a Licensee position to share in the excitement of running your own business. Experience the excitement of becoming a part of a limited number of people who have their own city guide.  We believe this is a first for online projects.  

What is a Licensee?

In addition to a new design there will be a future change in the ability for those interested to obtain a Licensee position to share in the excitement of running your own business. 

First we need an explanation of what Licensee means in this context. Richard Reed using all his skills he has mastered over the past nearly three decades of being a philanthropist as a member of Rotary has developed a unique Licensee business plan. This unique business plan was designed to help business minded people acquire their own business.

1st Las Vegas Guide supports Las Vegas WON Rotary Club

Richard Reed owner 1st Las Vegas Guide is proud member of Las Vegas WON Rotary Club

Low Cost to Purchase a City Guide License from  1stCityGuide.com

As everyone knows. . . businesses often fail in the first year and most do not survive the first three years. This is where the new Reed business plan model comes into play. Reeds’ new Licensee plan allows a person to buy a license to one or more of the 225+ city guides. This license comes with a business ready to start making money the first day. The plan gives the buyer of the license a complete business ready to operate.  It includes a city guide website  with three years of Mentoring by Richard Reed and his extremely talented staff.

The low-cost entry level to become a license owner of a city guide allows more people to start a business with the  Mentoring of Richard Reed. There is a revenue sharing program and this is how the entry level is so low. Do not be alarmed. The buyer of the license city guide ALWAYS gets the lion share of the revenue from sales. As a matter of fact, each year for the first three years the buyer continues to get a larger share of the sales.

Contact Us Today...

1st Las Vegas Guide Contact Us, 1stLasVegasGuide.com

For full details, contact Reed Consortium and ask for the owner, Richard Reed. He will personally explain the new ownership program and how you can purchase one of the  225+ city guides. Call 702-210-4201.

We List Only the Best

1st Henderson Guide is not a list of every business. Our website highlights only the best businesses / places / events are featured within these pages. This makes Henderson even more magical for residents and visitors alike.

1st Las Vegas Guide, We List Only the Best,

Advertise Your Company

You can be seen by a high quality audience when you place an advertisement on 1st Henderson Guide. Not all companies are accepted… Call 702-445-9488 to be have your company seen by affluent buyers. You will be amazed how with the low price.

1st Las Vegas Guide World in Your Hands, 1stLasVegasGuide.com

1st City Guide Expansion

1stCityGuide.com is the parent company of 225+ city guides worldwide. We are expanding and looking for Licensee partners to work together and provide a quality income when sharing the secrets of great cities around the world with visitors and residents alike. Call 702-210-4201 to discuss pricing and city guide availabilities.

The People Responsible for the Magic

Our Expert Team

Richard Reed

Founder / Owner

Gary Wu


Jing Huang

Online Customer Support

Howie Wu

Sales Manager

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