Henderson Things To Do

Henderson is a city bursting with activities and experiences for every preference. From shopping and wellness to outdoor sports and educational opportunities, the city offers a multitude of ways to explore, relax, learn, and enjoy.  We encourage you to embrace the Henderson lifestyle. Dive into the activities resonating with you, discover new passions, and enjoy everything the dynamic city of Henderson has to offer. Henderson is not just a place to visit; it’s a place to experience and cherish.

Explore the Best Things To Do in Henderson

Henderson is a city of endless possibilities, offering activities and attractions to suit every interest. From outdoor adventures to cultural explorations, family entertainment, culinary delights, and vibrant nightlife, there’s always something to do in Henderson.  We invite you to experience the best of Henderson. Explore the trails, immerse yourself in the arts, enjoy family time, savor the flavors, and embrace the nightlife. Henderson awaits with open arms, ready to offer experiences creating lasting memories.

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Henderson Attractions Tours

Let your imagination be your guide to the maximum fun level while you explore the happenings around Henderson.

Discovering the Vibrant City of Henderson

Nestled in the heart of Nevada, Henderson is a city brimming with activities and attractions for all ages. From its scenic outdoor landscapes to cultural hotspots and family-friendly venues, Henderson offers a diverse range of experiences. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, this guide will take you through the many things you can enjoy in this vibrant city.

Outdoor Adventures: Parks and Trails

Henderson’s natural beauty is best experienced through its numerous parks and trails. The city boasts a network of hiking and biking trails, like those at River Mountains Loop Trail and the scenic paths of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. These spots provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts to hike, cycle, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Cultural Experiences: Museums and Galleries

Exploring Art and History

For those interested in culture and history, Henderson’s museums and galleries offer a peek into the city’s rich heritage and artistic endeavors. The Henderson Historical Society Museum showcases the city’s past, while the Clark County Museum provides a broader look at the region’s history. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the contemporary exhibits at the City Lights Art Gallery.

Wichita's Local Arts and Cultural Festivals

Henderson is home to various arts and cultural festivals throughout the year. Events like the Henderson Art Festival and the annual Shakespeare in the Park celebrate local talent, bringing together artists, performers, and community members in a vibrant display of creativity.

Family Adventures: Fun-Filled Discoveries

Amusement Parks and Family Centers

Families with children will find plenty of entertainment options in Henderson. The city’s amusement parks, such as Cowabunga Bay Water Park, offer a fun-filled day with water slides and pools. Places like the Henderson Multigenerational Center provide activities and programs suitable for all ages, ensuring family fun all year round.

Interactive Learning Experiences for Kids

Henderson also offers educational and interactive experiences for children. The DISCOVERY Children’s Museum and the Lion Habitat Ranch provide unique learning opportunities, blending education with fun in a way captivating the young minds.

Dining and Culinary Delights

Exquisite Dining Options

Foodies will delight in Henderson’s culinary scene, which boasts a variety of dining options. From upscale restaurants offering gourmet dishes to cozy cafes serving local favorites, the city caters to all palates. The District at Green Valley Ranch is a popular spot, featuring a range of eateries alongside shopping and entertainment.

Local Breweries and Wineries

For those who appreciate a good drink, Henderson’s local breweries and wineries are not to be missed. Places like the CraftHaus Brewery and the Las Vegas Distillery offer tastings and tours, providing insight into the local craft beverage scene

Nightlife: Bars and Entertainment

Nightlife and Entertainment

As the sun sets, Henderson’s nightlife comes alive. The city offers a variety of bars, clubs, and lounges, each with its own unique atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for live music, a quiet cocktail bar, or a bustling nightclub, Henderson has something for everyone.

Gaming and Leisure

Henderson’s proximity to Las Vegas means casinos and gaming are a big part of the local entertainment scene. Casinos like the Sunset Station and M Resort offer not just gaming but also dining, shows, and other forms of entertainment.

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