Health For Seniors - Henderson Edition


by:  Carolyn Vanzlow

One of the greatest anti-aging tools for seniors is movement!

I hear over and over seniors are concerned about balance. Are you afraid to do certain activities because you might fall and break something?
What about your beautiful grandchildren? Can you pick them up or play with them?

It’s more fun in life to participate, instead of thinking you are too old.

I have witnessed perfectly healthy seniors talk about how they are getting old and can’t do anything, and it is just what happens. Their muscles deteriorate, they get weak, balance is sacrificed and next thing you know, they get sick or need joint replacement.

Not so with my longtime friend Judy. She had a big health scare and when she found out she was okay, she decided it was time to go shopping for a place to exercise. 

Judy turned 75 this year and retired a couple of years ago. She noticed she was always feeling tired and low energy. 

Seniors - Senior Services in Henderson

After her health scare, Judy hit the ground running.
She ended up at the YMCA in North Las Vegas.
She now goes to classes three times per week and stays for three hours each time. I am so proud of her!
Here is an itinerary of her classes.
Chair Yoga
Strength training
She loves what is happening. Her energy is up, she feels stronger, and her balance is much better. She also is having a lot less pain in her feet.
They also have cardio classes, swimming and all sorts of classes for active seniors every 70 minutes.
You can go online and look around.
She told me the other day she wants to build lean muscle so she can get stronger and pick up her grandchildren without struggling. 
She is also doing a lot more gardening and started a vegetable garden in her backyard.
Exercise is the key to overall health. How many of you know about building additional lean muscle will add to immunity? 
You will feel better, get sick less and exercise alleviates depression and sadness.
It’s a win-win for all of us.
Don’t waste any time overthinking, just give it a try and sign up for a couple of classes and see how you feel.
Judy has also met some new friends who she takes classes with, which adds more positive energy to her exercise experience and her day.
With any new activity, always check with your health care team.
Have an amazing summer getting healthy and meeting new friends.

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