Unlocking Vitality: A 74 Year Young Senior's Blueprint for Health and Longevity - Henderson Edition


by:  Carolyn Vanzlow

Being a senior of 74 years young, I have a to do list for my health and longevity.

Back at the age of 55, I got a huge eye opener: chest pain. It was during this time I decided I was not going back for another procedure.

I was taking care of myself, why did this occur? It wasn’t from lack of activity or poor eating habits. My labs were great and didn’t indicate any possibility of Coronary Artery Disease, so why did this happen?

It was explained to me this didn’t happen overnight; it took some time.

In my forties, I wasn’t so good, in fact, I was downright oblivious to eating healthy and exercising, along with making a conscious effort to control emotional stress.

Today is different; I eat a well rounded diet, no fads, exercise 4 to 5 times per week, and I make sure I get plenty of sleep and control stress, which in my humble opinion was the true culprit of early coronary artery disease, which by the way, I don’t have to worry about any longer.


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One of my favorite exercise selections is Power Box Pilates. It’s similar to Pilates but has a different approach. The best part? I can do this at home or go to a class in Henderson taught by the designing engineer and his lovely wife. I believe they also provide the classes on Zoom too, so you can take a class right from your home.

What I love about this system is, it addresses several crucial issues which affect seniors. 

Bone health and joint range of motion.

Are your joints tight, stiff, and sore? How do your shoulders feel? What about your back and your hips? Got Sciatica? This can be worked out too.

I have taught Corrective Exercise for 24 years, and I was super excited when I met the owners and had a chance to experience Power Box Pilates myself. I also recommend these to my clients for their exercise program.

If you don’t go on some crazy restrictive diet, eat nutrient dense real organic food, and exercise, over time you will get a positive change in your health and your appearance.

PowerBox Pilates has kept me lean, strong, pain free, and my clothes fit better. I am gaining lean muscle, losing unwanted body fat, and I love how I look.

Is this enough to get you interested in experiencing PowerBox Pilates? If yes, contact me through my website, and I will help you get started.

Your health is your true wealth; without it, you are trapped and not able to live life on your terms. I chose not to be my diagnosis and turned my life around, one day at a time.

You can do this too! Our bodies are designed to heal!

Happy April!

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