Chinese Restaurants in Henderson

If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine or looking to explore new dining options, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will take you through the best Chinese restaurants in Henderson, sharing insights and local favorites. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, our city has a strong culinary options reflecting its worldwide community. Often people are unsure to try new restaurants or food types. We hope this page gives you the comfort to proceed and enjoy the wonderful Chinese restaurants / meals awaiting you in Henderson.

Historical Chinese Restaurants in Henderson


A Taste of History

Henderson’s history with Chinese cuisine dates back several decades. One of the oldest establishments, China A Go Go, has been serving the community since the 1970s. 

Known for its traditional dishes and welcoming atmosphere, it has become a staple in the city.

Henderson is blessed to have many famous and long standing restaurants of all types of cuisines for your daily enjoyment.  

Chinese Restaurants in Henderson NV

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Family-Owned Henderson Chinese Restaurants

Family-owned Chinese restaurants have a special place in Henderson’s culinary restaurant options. Places like Golden Dragon have been passed down through generations, offering authentic recipes and a homey feel. In recent years, new restaurants have emerged, blending traditional Chinese cooking with modern twists. These establishments bring innovation while respecting the rich culinary heritage of Chinese cuisine. Did you know that many of Henderson’s Chinese restaurants feature dishes unique to the region? This blend of traditional and local flavors creates a distinctive dining experience.

Types of Chinese Restaurants

Casual Dining Chinese Restaurants

For a relaxed and informal dining experience, casual Chinese restaurants like Panda Express and P.F. Chang’s are popular choices. These places offer quick service and a wide variety of dishes, perfect for a casual meal with family and friends. This is also ideal for those families on a limited budget.

Fine Dining Chinese Restaurants

If you are looking for an upscale dining experience, Henderson has several fine dining Chinese restaurants. Mott 32 is known for its luxurious ambiance and exquisite dishes, making it a great spot for special occasions. One of the best things about Henderson dining is the wide selection you have available to you daily.

Buffets Chinese Restaurants

Chinese buffets like Great Wall Buffet offer an extensive selection of dishes, allowing you to sample a bit of everything. These buffets are perfect for large groups and families. Buffets are ideal for groups with all different likes and they each will be able to find the right items for their meal.

24/7 Options Chinese Restaurants

For late-night cravings, there are a few 24/7 Chinese restaurants in Henderson. Dragon 24 is one such place, offering delicious meals at any hour of the day.

Famous Chinese Restaurants in Henderson

Enjoy Henderson Chinese Restaurants

Jade Garden
Jade Garden is one of Henderson’s most famous Chinese restaurants. Known for its elegant setting and high-quality food, it has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Their Peking duck is particularly renowned.

Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon is celebrated for its authentic dishes and family-friendly environment. It’s a go-to spot for many Henderson residents, offering a taste of traditional Chinese cuisine.

China A Go Go
A longstanding favorite, China A Go Go combines traditional recipes with a modern dining experience. Their extensive menu caters to all tastes, from classic dishes to innovative creations.

Various Chinese Cuisines in Henderson

Cantonese Cuisine
Cantonese cuisine, known for its mild flavors and fresh ingredients, is well-represented in Henderson. Dim sum is a popular choice, with many restaurants offering a wide selection of steamed and fried delicacies.

Sichuan Cuisine
For those who enjoy bold and spicy flavors, Sichuan cuisine is a must-try. Restaurants like Spicy Dragon specialize in dishes packing a punch, such as mapo tofu and hot pot.

Hunan Cuisine
Hunan cuisine, characterized by its hot and sour flavors, is also available in Henderson. Try dishes like Hunan beef or spicy chicken for a taste of this vibrant culinary tradition.

Unique Blends
Many Chinese restaurants in Henderson offer unique blends of different regional cuisines, creating unique and exciting menus. This fusion of flavors making sure there is something for everyone.

Henderson Tips, Costs, Dress Codes and Expectations

Casual to Fine Dining
Chinese restaurants in Henderson cater to a range of budgets. Casual dining options are generally affordable, with meals typically costing between $10 to $20 per person. Fine dining establishments can be more expensive, with prices ranging from $30 to $80 or more per person.

Dress Codes
Most casual and family-friendly Chinese restaurants in Henderson have no strict dress codes. However, for fine dining establishments like Mott 32, smart casual attire is recommended.

Tips for Visitors and Residents – Best Times to Visit
To avoid long waits, it’s best to visit popular Chinese restaurants during off-peak hours. Weekday evenings and weekends can be particularly busy, so plan accordingly. For fine dining and theme restaurants, making a reservation is highly recommended. This makes sure you get a table and can enjoy your meal without any delays.

Secret Menus
Some Chinese restaurants have “secret menus” with dishes not listed on the regular menu. These often include traditional and regional specialties, so it’s worth asking your server.

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