Comparison: Henderson Cost vs Real Estate


by: Carrie Lu

The cost of a haircut averages $55. The cost of a pedicure is around $60. The cost of a massage is $100. If you are paying for all of these services every month your annual spending is $2580.

Life was simple when I was growing up. My parents cut my hair. I didn’t know anything about manicure or pedicures. Who needs a massage when you are young and vibrant? My parents gave my sister and me everything we needed. We didn’t have iPhones nor Amazon. Once a year three times we would go out to dinner at a restaurant. My parents were frugal and saved more spent less. They bought their first house for $105,000 paid cash. Although they didn’t have all the cash, they did borrow from relatives. After five years, my parents paid off the money borrowed. The house was free and clear.

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Today the house is more expensive. Every major street in Las Vegas and Henderson offers a nail or a hair salon. There are restaurants and fast food places at every gas station. The idea of saving money is still a rock solid discipline to lead a debt free life. The average home price is $450,000. In order to save and buy a home, the minimum down payment is 3% or $13,500. Can you forgo 5 years of haircut, pedicure and massages to save $13,500? The answer is a resounding yes. I would without a question. I know that in 30 years or less my mortgage will be paid off. I will be debt free. What debt free means to me is freedom. The freedom to continue working or not to work. The freedom to work part time or volunteer instead of having to work to pay off bills.

You too can start saving today. What we focus on expands. Make it a point to save money by not eating out every week or not buy that new outfit that you will wear once every year. Create a budget and monitor it weekly. Just by looking at it weekly your habits will change.


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