ANGER MANAGEMENT & CHANGE - Henderson, Nevada Edition


by:  Dr. Vicki D. Coleman

In the 21st century global economy, anger has become a major personal, family, organizational, institutional, and societal challenge.

Anger management involves change, including the acquisition of information about self and the environment. The initial step in anger management is to acknowledge one needs to change, accept accountability, as many individuals respond they do not have a problem, and it is someone else’s fault or responsibility. These individuals are in denial, an attitude can be a major barrier to the process of anger management. Another major barrier can be low self concept or low self esteem.


Change will not occur without motivation; and individuals change when there is motivation to change, when they have a cursory understanding of who they are. 

In my anger management program, I initially focus on self assessment, with an emphasis on self concept and self esteem, as these are, I believe, integral components of an Anger Management Program.


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To begin the Self Assessment process, I ask individuals to examine the self as it relates to the Six Areas of Self Concept and Self Esteem proposed by Dr. Coleman, and based on the work of Fitts (1964) and Fitts & Warren (1996). The Six (6) Areas of  Self Concept and Self Esteem include: 

  1. Personal Self Concept & Self Esteem. 
  2. Physical Self Concept & Self Esteem. 
  3. Family Self Concept & Self Esteem. 
  4. Social/Community Self Concept & Self Esteem.
  5. Academic/Work/Professional/Financial Self Concept & Self Esteem, and 
  6. Moral/Ethical/Spiritual Self Concept & Self Esteem.
By conducting an in depth assessment and evaluation of the self, individuals have a better understanding of who they are, including issues, concerns, problems, and challenges related to anger and anger management, to name a few. The Anger Management Program also consists of a pre/post test of self concept, self esteem, and other personality traits which will facilitate clients’ identifying their anger issues and concerns, and developing appropriate defense mechanisms and communication skills, among others.
Dr. Vicki D. Coleman’s technique to anger control is indeed comprehensive and insightful. She emphasizes the importance of self evaluation and knowledge one’s self-idea and self confidence in handling anger. This technique allows individuals to benefit a deeper knowledge of their anger issues and how they relate to their normal self notion. The Six Areas of Self Concept and Self Esteem Dr. Coleman specializes in offer a holistic view of an man or woman’s identification. By inspecting these regions, individuals can identify particular elements in their lives can be contributing to their anger troubles.
For example, if people have a low physical self concept and self esteem, they could be insecure about their appearance, it can lead to feelings of anger and frustration. By identifying this problem, they are capable of work on improving their physical self confidence, it can assist in handling their anger. Moreover, Dr. Coleman’s software includes a pre and post check of self concept, self esteem, and other distinct character developments. This lets in people to music their progress and screen how their self belief and anger troubles exchange over the years. Overall, this technique to anger control appears to be as an alternative effective because it encourages human beings to take charge for their anger and work on improving their self perception.


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