Are You HOME? - Henderson Edition


by: Walter Thomas

This article highlights the importance of being aware of who you are. “Home” is not only the physical structure we live in but is also the structure of our inner being which helps shape our personality, values, perspectives, morals, standards, likes, dislikes, desires, and beliefs, giving us an identity. The pillars supporting a physical house give it shape and form, classifying it by its scale, design, features, and amenities, defining and placing it into a category. Similarly, our inner being is structured by the pillars which make us unique such as our value systems and what we stand for and against. This helps us be of purpose for the purposes we are designed to fulfill on earth and to be fruitful loving powerful beings.


Each of us is designed with different purposes, passions, and desires, and we have heard the saying the a house is just a structure, but a home suits one’s soul. What separates the two is what’s involved in the structure we call home, be it the location, features, design, colors, size, textures, as well as others within it. All of these factors can either connect one to their home or disconnect one from their home, just like one’s own soul. If we are connected to the very pillars of what makes us who authentically are, we will always be firm.

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When we are disconnected from being centered and planted in our authentic being, many things will be at stake such as our purpose(s), not being aware mentally and emotionally, present within our minds and with others, having a great lack of self-love, compassion, having little to no boundaries, and lack peace. Contrary to this, not being home (authentically you) can result in standing for inequality, injustices, a need for power, greed for money, aggression, abusive behavior, a lack of integrity, and a desire to disrupt peace.

Have you ever felt unappreciated, unaccepted, misunderstood, overlooked, or simply unaware of who you are? These feelings can lead people to conform rather than discover their true selves. This phenomenon contributes to identity crises, where individuals adopt others’ looks, styles, trends, and behaviors to be liked. It is natural to want to be liked, as we are social beings designed to connect and be part of the evolution of time, however, altering yourself to fit in can cause you to lose touch with your true identity.

Due to the demands of life and what is expected of us from our families, workplace, religion, or even from our platonic and romantic relationships, we can lose ourselves when trying to please or appeal to others in ways commonly followed by others. Following cults or being persuaded to conform has led many people astray from the purest nature of who they are, uprooting them from being grounded at home (their authentic nature) just to sleep on someone else’s foundation to be controlled and inauthentically themselves. Some people have completely transformed their lives to be carbon copies of others which is the common face of the world today. This phenomenon is what causes more people to fall into depression, anxiety, anger, abuse drugs and alcohol, and envy others while being resentful and regretting their choices for not living authentically themselves. When the soul is disrupted, one cannot live a quality life which results in the need to settle for a mediocre and mundane life. Think about your life and see if you have lost touch with your values, beliefs, feelings, emotions, morals, and innate powers.

We should strive to be unique, not conform to societal norms or expectations just to be accepted or liked. Knowing who you are will help you understand your moral and emotional capacity, ensuring you stay true to yourself, your passions, and your purpose(s). Some people can comfortably live in a tiny house due to the scale of what suits their life and needs, while others need more space and features to feel at home. Understanding yourself will help you determine what works for you in all aspects of life and it will help you understand your scale and capacity. This way, you will know when you are home, be it a physical structure, a career, a romantic relationship, a platonic relationship, and most importantly, the confidence of being 100% you without compromising the richness of who you are around any person no matter their background.

Start by identifying if you have lost touch with your soul/spirit/core values. You may feel lost or may feel as if you are experiencing an identity crisis. Secondly, break down the driving factors or forces which lured you away from being centered and grounded at home (your soul/spirit/core values). Could it be family, church, a relationship, curiosity, a desire to fit in, or being in survival mode? Be honest then you will start paving the way back home. Below are a few questions which will act as breadcrumbs to help guide you back home.

To find your true self start by asking these questions:

● What matters to you the most?
● What wakes you up and makes you feel the desire to strive for it?
● Do you know your innate strengths and weaknesses?
● What fulfills your soul?
● What are your innate powers, divine gifts, and passions?
● How do you feel and why do you feel the way you do? Can you connect your
emotions to a specific event?
● What in your past made you feel you should not accept your authentic self and
embrace your innate powers, values, morals, perspectives, sexuality, and or beliefs?
● What pains if any are you quickly dismissing or avoiding?
● Do you believe the covering pains and traumas gets rid of it?
● What about your journey/history may have been unfair and you are trying to flee the
scene (home) from thinking about what happened? This could have caused you to run
away, leaving other important facets which make you unique and powerful behind. Think of
family, abuse, trauma, or community.
● What does long-suffering mean to you? Is it all bad and no good or can suffering elevate
you to become more knowledgeable, stronger, wiser, and purposeful?
● Are you in a career or relationship which does not fulfill you because of external

Examine your daily life and how you feel. Do you compare yourself to others, causing dissatisfaction? Are you frustrated by following others’ advice or lacking direction? Addressing these questions will help you identify where you are authentic and where you are not.
List your true feelings and goals, without fabricating anything. Compare your current reality with how you want to feel. This will help you reconnect with your authentic self and navigate back to your inner “home.”

Now you started doing your inner work, what you know about yourself has helped you identify your inner home. Center yourself in the purest nature of who you are, evaluate your physical and emotional environment, remove things no longer serve you, and allow yourself to release old energy to welcome new and fresh energy. Be mindful of what you allow in your refreshed home, meaning who you allow in, who you love, confide in, and what you do. Analyze your physical living space. Does your home reflect who you are and how you want to feel? If not, it is time to renovate, do a facelift, or move. Your physical home is just as important as your inner home. Both work simultaneously with each other to keep you at your highest frequency.

Being home also requires solitude. Solitude can be challenging, but it is necessary to become the best version of yourself. Great originals often face adversity and suffer greatly to become powerful individuals. They do not seek validation from others but remain true to themselves. If you prefer to conform to avoid being alone, you may be experiencing an identity crisis. Authenticity requires bravery and a willingness to stand out. Embrace your unique qualities and do not adjust to fit common molds. If you need to constantly be accompanied by others, you are not home, you are part of a duplex, a mix of many people with all sorts of personalities, values, or lack of values, living on a common foundation with common likes, views, and values just to fit in. Never settle just to be part of it, be one, oneness is powerful. Once you understand the importance of being whole, togetherness can be a great power to concur the world where love and peace can heal generations to come.

Knowing who you are is crucial to living authentically and purposefully. Our mental health, driven by the complexity of the mind, shapes our perceptions, responses, and actions. Living authentically, rather than conforming to societal norms, leads to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Ask yourself: Who are you and if you are home?

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