Henderson Holistic Self Care - Is Your News Consumption Impacting Your Well-Being?


by:  Samantha Jones

 In today’s fast-paced world, news seamlessly integrates into our daily lives. It shapes our perception and influences our mental well-being. When I look at pivotal global events, such as tensions with Russia and conflicts between Hamas and Israel, I feel the need to ask a crucial question: How does this constant exposure to news affect our mental health?

Living in an interconnected society means being surrounded by a continuous stream of news from diverse sources, spanning traditional media to social platforms. While staying informed is essential, overexposure can contribute to increased stress, distort our perception of reality through sensationalism, shorten attention spans, cultivate news addiction, and diminish our ability to focus. Excessive exposure can lead to “news fatigue” — an emotional and physical response marked by heightened stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion. Recognizing the impact of our news consumption is critical. These effects represent broader challenges associated with the contemporary news culture.

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It’s crucial to balance staying informed and preserving mental well-being. Understanding potential repercussions empowers individuals to adopt healthier habits.  Personally, I’ve shifted away from traditional news channels and cable, opting for streaming services to reduce constant exposure to news updates. This approach has significantly alleviated my stress over global issues beyond my control. I enjoy alternative platforms like TikTok for a different perspective, presenting news through the eyes of those directly experiencing events.

Embracing a mindful news consumption approach has transformative potential. Detaching from the constant news cycle may reduce overall anxiety levels, contributing to an improved quality of life. Encouraging a collective shift towards a more measured news consumption pattern could foster a healthier relationship with information dissemination.

I encourage you to reflect on the impact of news consumption on your own mental well-being and health. Adopt a balanced and mindful approach to stay informed. This small change has greatly reduced stress in my own life, and I’m hoping it will do the same for you!


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