Holistic self care - How the Company You Keep Affects Your Life - Henderson Edition 


by:  Samantha Jones

Holistic self care – How the Company You Keep Affects Your Life – Henderson Edition 
The company you keep matters—it’s more than a cliché; it’s a profound truth shaping our lives. Psychologists term it emotional contagion, where we absorb the feelings and emotions of those around us. Call it what you will, but I like to remind that this is a part of being human. If you’re sensitive, you will also pick up people’s energy quickly.

Think about the last time you spent with a positive person. Did it not lift your mood? Encounters with negative individuals can drain joy. We unconsciously mirror those we’re with, copying expressions, vocal patterns, and postures.

The Impact of Relationships:
The theory that we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with holds true. Consider the profound impact relationships have on our lives. Our social circles influence beliefs, attitudes, and aspirations, propelling us forward or holding us back.

As we delve into the profound impact of relationships on our lives, it becomes evident that the dynamic nature of our social circles may prompt us to assess and navigate connections for our well-being. In the pursuit of a more fulfilling life, let’s explore the challenging yet crucial step of handling relationships that no longer align with our growth.*

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Handling Letting Go:
When considering the relationships and influences in your life, it’s inevitable that you may need to let go of certain connections for your growth. It’s a challenging but crucial step in shaping a more fulfilling life. Recognize that letting go doesn’t diminish the value of past connections; rather, it’s a step towards creating space for new, positive influences.

Start by reflecting on the impact of each relationship. Identify those that consistently bring negativity or hinder your personal development. Communicate your intentions openly and honestly, expressing the need for personal growth and a positive environment.

Understand that letting go is a process, and it’s okay to feel a mix of emotions. Surround yourself with a supportive network during this time, whether it be friends, family, or mentors who can offer guidance. Focus on fostering relationships that align with your values and contribute positively to your well-being.
Remember, the company you keep is a dynamic aspect of life. Embrace the changes that come with cultivating a more fulfilling and balanced social environment. In doing so, you are taking a proactive step towards shaping the destiny you aspire to achieve.

In conclusion it’s important to consider the relationships and influences in your life. Are there connections that need to end or transform for your growth? Remember, the company you keep and the environment you cultivate play a pivotal role in shaping who you are and who you aspire to become. Embracing positive influences and eliminating negativity can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life. The impact of your company goes beyond mere companionship; it molds your identity and shapes your destiny.


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