Emotional Intelligence in Henderson & Surrounding Areas - WHAT ARE YOUR THREE LITTLE WORDS?


by:  Mary Christian

In our never-ending quest for growth and emotional intelligence, we also seek an emotionally intelligent partner. As social media envelopes and stigmatizes who Mr. or Mrs. Right may be, the strong opinions of friends and families oftentimes exact their own sect of bias of who is “good enough.” Allow me to tell you a little story:

I was feeling overwhelmed while cleaning my closet over the weekend, and I freaked out as I sat on top of a mountain of clothes, looking up at my fiancé.

“I’m feeling stressed, I have no more hangers. I’m sick of cleaning my closet. I’m only going to do this until noon!”

My fiancé just smiled and walked out. Within seconds, he returned carrying a bunch of hangers and said, “Want some help?”

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God this guy can snap me out of my negative mindset… Smiling, I just stared at him and humbly said “No thank you.” 

He said “Baby? I know you’re getting stressed with the growing pile of your clothes. I don’t mind helping you. On Sunday, let’s get it all hung up.” Then he kissed my forehead and went back into his office.

I pondered this for a moment. Sitting amidst my pile of clothes, with humility and gratitude for those three little words. No, not “I love you,” but instead, “WANT SOME HELP?”

With absolute awareness of what just occurred, I realized my fiancé shows me the quiet love — the “little” love which lasts forever. It’s the kind of love where he sees I need help, and he helps me without asking. You know, the kind flattens my burritos cuz he knows “quesadillas” are my favorite. The kind slices and shares oranges with me during our late-night show watching, and the kind of love gets up with our dog on the weekends so I can sleep in. 

Yep. The quiet love sees my medusa hair every morning yet tells me I’m beautiful, and opens doors for me, even at home. 

He says “Wait here baby, I’ll go get the car.” when we’re out and about and he loves me where the deepest, purest love can be found. 

The quiet place.

You can have the materiality. I want the man who brings me hangers.

Thanks for being mine… AJ Øgaard


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