Emotional Intelligence in Henderson & Surrounding Areas - "DEEP INTROSPECTION IS THE KEY TO UNRAVELING LIMITING BELIEFS


by:  Mary Christian

Happy experiences develop happy memories. But what effect do unhappy, painful, traumatic memories have? What if much of what we believe to be “self governance” is actually our automatic response to triggers of those unhappy, painful traumas, and this “automatic” has developed out of childhood pain, experiences, and memories? What if this “automatic” is our unconscious survival mode, which prevents us from truly living a fulfilling life? If you want to know, you have to dig deep inside yourself and peel back the layers of your experiences to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. This introspection often involves dark, painful memories, and the process reveals the intricate nuances which entrap us within the dungeons of our belief systems.

There is no getting around it. You must look in the mirror, dig deep into your psyche, and push past the barriers of the dark, uncomfortable memories. You must deeply examine the rules you were taught, the examples you followed, the pains you endured, and the perpetrators who hurt you. Even then, YOU MUST BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Once you’ve come to terms with the injuries, pain, despair, and turmoil you suffered, you must allow yourself to grieve until you’re exhausted and sending pain into the Universe, the process of letting go.

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Practical Steps for Effective Introspection: Effective introspection begins with silencing your thoughts, emptying your mind, and meditating in order to clear the mind, connect the body, and bring awareness to the present moment. Journaling is invaluable as well. By capturing your thoughts on paper, you can tangibly identify your emotions, and any patterns you have will emerge when you regularly review your entries. Journaling will provide you with insight, clarity, and understanding as to why you behave the way you do because it is on paper, in black and white, rather than conceptual. You will be able to identify limiting beliefs and challenge their validity by asking whether the beliefs are based on fact or assumption, and then, you will need to prove it to yourself by assembling evidence in support or in contradiction thereof. 

After your discovery, you can choose to reframe your bad mind into greater advantageous and positive narratives. This is “the SHIFT” you may hear people speaking of. It is a “shift” in mind-set from bad to effective and is an effective perspective in dismantling limiting beliefs and actually living existence in place of just “surviving” it. By engaging in introspective practices, you’ll unearth the roots of your limiting beliefs and open the door to transformation and personal boom. As the shackles of restricting ideals begin to loosen, empowerment takes root, allowing you to include your full potential to navigate existence with a liberated and expansive attitude, while paving the manner for a destiny characterized via resilience, self belief, and limitless opportunities. 


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