Emotional Intelligence in Henderson & Surrounding Areas - INTROSPECTION LEADS TO AWARENESS


by:  Mary Christian

STEP ONE:  SELF REFLECT. Introspection is a necessary first step in developing Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”). Self Reflection involves the conscious and deliberate examination of one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to examine the underlying motivations, triggers, and patterns shape our emotional responses. Once armed with a heightened sense of self awareness, individuals can then manage and control their emotional responses. Self reflection acts as a checkpoint, allowing individuals to pause, assess, and choose deliberate responses over impulsive reactions.

STEP TWO: IDENTIFY YOUR PATTERNS. Take the time to observe and comprehend your behavior, and cultivate a heightened awareness in their impact for your every day existence. Engage in normal self reflection to comprehend ordinary notion patterns and behaviors. Through this introspective exercise, you will unveil hidden elements of your emotional make up that affect yourself governance, imparting treasured insights into your internal workings and empowering you to make greater informed selections.

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STEP THREE: WHAT ARE YOU TRIGGERS? IDENTIFY AND UNDERSTAND THEM. The world is yours!  Dive into your past experiences and reactions.  Review, analyze and pinpoint specific experiences which evoke emotional responses. Be aware of any physical effects these experiences have on you.  How do you feel emotionally?  Did these thoughts manifest into physical symptoms?  Identifying your emotional and physical responses to these memories are crucial for developing self regulation skills.

STEP FOUR: DEVELOP PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR SELF-REGULATION. During moments of heightened emotion, implement the following: Stop engaging. Look / evaluate this moment and reflect on the source of your feelings. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Do you want the relationship or do you want to be right? Take a few deep breaths, choose your response with responsibility and with the knowledge a counter response may be direct feedback on your way of being.

Introspection is the cornerstone for self awareness.  As we become more and more aware of our triggers, our actions, and our effect upon others, we can choose empathy, compassion or at a minimum, understanding.  Many times, all a person wants is for someone else to just “understand.”  As we choose to understand others, we are subconsciously exercising, developing, and enhancing our emotional intelligence. Engaging in this daily work will pave the way for more meaningful connections, and a deeper sense of fulfillment in both personal and professional spheres.


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