Emotional Intelligence in Henderson & Surrounding Areas - SAY HELLO TO YOUR LITTLE FRIEND


by:  Mary Christian

“Inner Child” is a psychological concept which represents the experiences and memories were programmed in our subconscious.  It is a metaphorical construct covering the emotional and psychological experiences of our early years which can revealed in both positive and negative ways.  These experiences are often intangible and unseen yet influence our behaviors, relationships, and emotional well-being.

To understand the inner child, it’s crucial to revisit our early experiences and examine the messages and emotions imprinted during childhood. 

Positive experiences, such as love, support, and encouragement, contribute to a healthy inner child. Conversely, negative experiences, such as neglect, criticism, or trauma, can lead to the development of a wounded inner child.

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Visualizing Your Inner Child:  Imagine your inner child as a distinct entity within yourself – a younger version of you with its own needs, fears, and desires. Visualize this child at a specific age, perhaps during a significant moment or event from your past. What does your inner child look like? How do they feel? What are their needs and fears? Who hurt your Inner Child? Was he or she beaten? Impoverished? Abused?  With each unearthed answer, the most difficult of all – envisioning/identifying the person, place, or thing caused the trauma or experience to your Inner Child – in your mind’s eye.

For many of us, “imagination” only occurs organically rather than intentionally. Our creativity was stifled somewhere, at some time, for whatever reason.  What happened?  Did someone say your artwork was ugly or stupid?  Was the creative fire of your youth extinguished by a teacher, friend, parent?  In these instances, guided meditations are extremely helpful for relaxation, exploration, discovery, and forgiveness – the FIRST step in letting go.

The aforementioned exercises will enable you to tap into your emotional reservoir and the dungeon where your inner child is ignored, unacknowledged, and lonely.  You will gain insights into unresolved issues or unmet needs from your past as you use these powerful tools. By bridging the gap between your past experiences and your present emotional landscape, you and your Inner Child can heal together and become one.

Developing emotional intelligence involves a truthful, raw, conscious exploration of the experiences and emotions embedded in our Inner Child. By nurturing and healing this vulnerable aspect of ourselves, we enhance our emotional well-being and cultivate stronger relationships.  Admittedly, the journey is the path rarely travelled, but it is this journey leading to personal growth, fulfillment and abundant living as you become empowered to navigate the complexities of life with resilience, authenticity, and empathy. 

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