Emotional Intelligence in Henderson & Surrounding Areas - OKAY, SO … WHAT NOW?


by:  Mary Christian

What now? First and foremost, you need to realize Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”) is the key to fostering meaningful connections and achieving sustainable success. [“READ IT AGAIN”]. EQ is the backbone of success in any relationship, with empathy and compassion as the frontrunners. Try to walk in someone else’s shoes for a moment: 1. Stop what your thoughts are telling you; 2. Think, I mean REALLY THINK, about what’s going on, the circumstances, and the players. Take yourself outside of the moment and focus on what may be going on with the other person. Why does he/she feel this way? A bad day at work? 3. Choose your response after you have deliberated all of the options available to you; then 4. Without being “reactive” and without needing to have the last word, reply calmly and be mindful of your words. With practice, you will become proficient in assessing your triggers and recognizing the emotional impact or scar your words wield upon others. Knowing when to “stand down” instead of being right will open the doors to better communication and more fulfilling relationships by creating an environment that promotes collaboration and mutual respect. Your social awareness will enable you to forge deep connections, establish trust with those you interact with, and provide you with an abundant source of relationships to choose from.

Conflicts are inevitable. Handling them with a cool, calm head is what makes the difference. Individuals with high emotional intelligence (“EIIs”) navigate disagreements with tact and diplomacy by focusing on empathy and understanding rather than escalating tensions. 

EIIs are attuned to their own emotions and those of others and approach conflicts with a genuine desire for resolution, not a “NEED TO BE RIGHT.”

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Leaders in the workplace who prioritize EQ create a positive and productive organizational culture. Such leaders not only inspire and motivate their teams but also foster loyalty and commitment through effective communication. Being adept and emotionally cognizant, in addition to appreciating the unique and individual strengths of team members, promotes self-esteem, collaboration, and heightened collective intelligence for the group. This type of synergy increases innovation, job satisfaction, and overall team effectiveness. Emotional intelligence is not only beneficial in professional settings but is also a staple within intimate relationships. Personal partnerships and marriages often hinge on the ability of individuals to navigate the emotional maze of their significant others. By being more empathic than judging, by actively listening and communicating without right or wrong, judgment, or execution, couples can strengthen their bonds and forge deeper friendships between them, and couples can practice loving, honoring, and obeying one another instead of turning the marriage into an “institution.” Prison and psychiatric facilities are “institutions” – Marriage should NEVER boast such a label. 


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