Emotional Intelligence in Henderson & Surrounding Areas - DIGGING DEEPER – LET’S BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS


by:  Mary Christian

Getting face-to-face with your Inner Child involves the utmost submission, bravery, and truth. If you’ve ever seen the 1987 movie “The Untouchables,” one of the most memorable quotes was delivered by Sean Connery who said something to the tune of “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” Mr. Connery implied that being ill-equipped for a challenge can lead to disastrous consequences.

As you look inward, understanding emotions and conflicts serve as a powerful tool for transforming interpersonal disputes into opportunities for growth and understanding, but you’ve got to get raw. You must be able to recognize, understand, manage, and utilize your emotions to effectively navigate the emotions of others. In the metaphorical battlefield of life, where challenges and conflicts are inevitable, possessing emotional intelligence is akin to entering conflict with the wisdom and finesse of a skilled diplomat.

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Highly Emotionally Intelligent Individuals (“EIIs”) approach conflicts and challenges with a level-headed, strategic mindset, which fosters healthier relationships and more successful outcomes. EIIs are self-aware, understand the impact of their emotions on others, and are well-attuned to emotional triggers. EIIs regulate their emotions effectively by managing impulsive reactions in a calm and composed demeanor even in challenging situations.

EIIs are very much intrinsically motivated. They navigate social situations adeptly, and their strong social skills facilitate effective communication, conflict resolution, and the building of meaningful connections by recognizing and blocking triggers and preventing knee-jerk reactions that can exacerbate tensions, leading to oftentimes regrettable outcomes. EIIs set meaningful goals, persevere during setbacks, and remain focused on long-term objectives, continually developing these skills which cultivate a resilient and positive mindset. They are empathic, understanding, and sometimes even share the feelings of others – the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence (“EQ”) enhances communication skills and fosters empathic, open dialogue and the resolution of conflicts through understanding and compromise instead of approaching conflicts with aggression or defensiveness. EIIs understand that collaboration is a necessary element in finding mutually beneficial solutions and sustainable positive outcomes. EIIs seek common ground upon which a “WIN/WIN” for all may be achieved.  As we continue to recognize the profound impact of emotional intelligence in the personal and professional tapestry of life, we could say that “In life’s conflicts, emotional intelligence is the ultimate weapon of choice – not a knife nor a gun.”


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