Revolutionary Anti-Aging Secrets:  BFR Workouts and High-Tech in Henderson


by:  Debbie Hawkins

Anti-Aging BFR Workouts For A Healthier & Better You In Henderson, Nevada: As January fades away so does the enthusiasm for our fitness resolutions we all had. Statistics tell us the crowded gyms of the first few weeks of the year will be back to normal by the third week of February.

Time vs Results

Time and the speed of results are two of the major factors that impact our success in sticking to our fitness goals.

What if you could exercise in less than half the time, with less weight, see faster results and gain some real proven anti-aging benefits at the same time? That is the promise of BFR and some additional innovative technologies available at a local new Henderson gym.

biohacking in Henderson

If you have not heard of BFR – which stands for Blood Flow Reduction exercise you soon will see it everywhere. Once the exclusive expensive option for major sports teams, elite athletes and celebrities, this technology has made its way to the home exercise market with affordable and easy use options. BFR is now being used by many physical therapists, body builders, the US army and Marines and numerous Chiropractors.  This fitness technology, which started in Japan around 50 years ago when the Japanese Olympic team used it, has now gone mainstream here in the US.

The Bands

BFR Bands, AKA Blood Flow Reduction Bands: The name can be misleading as these are not the typical stretchy bands that may come to mind. These are a set of four bands – two for the arms and two for the legs – you pump them up with air and then work out.

These do not cut off blood flow, but rather reduce it. This causes muscles to feel fatigue more quickly and deeper which prompts the body to produce human growth hormone and triggers the body’s own natural healing & strength building functions.

The bands allow you to mimic a high intensity work out in just a few short minutes with light weight. You will literally “feel the burn” like you might have after a heavy intense work out that might have taken an hour or more in the past. This burn feeling is also a signal to your body to kick off some antiaging processes like releasing HGH to begin the needed repair process and nitric oxide which improves circulation. Most people feel the difference immediately and can expect to see positive changes within one month.


The babds are generally safe for all ages and almost all health conditions. Consulting your doctor is always wise if you have any current health concerns before starting a new exercise routine. I have personally been using these for the last 18 months and now do not exercise without them. They are mobile and easy to use. I have used them bike riding, walking, doing Pilates, and swimming as they are waterproof.


ARX, or Adaptive Resistance Exercise allows users to get a week’s worth of full body training in minutes using their ARX Alpha and ARX Omni equipment. I have never been good at strength training but will say these machines provide a unique approach of both push and pull instead of the typical lift only approach. I was completely exhausted in about five minutes after having lifted and or pushed just over 2,000 pounds in a series of specially programmed patterns. 

The Vasper equipment which combines Cooling, Compression and Cardio allows users to get the benefits of high intensity interval training without the wear and tear of traditional cardio. This feels a bit like doing cardio with BFR bands except the compression wraps are filled with cool water instead of air. You are also supported by cold-water pads supporting your backside as you sit on the cardio bike. This allows the muscles to get a burn at the same time they are being cooled. The feeling is hard to explain. It is one of those things you just must try to believe.


In just 30 minutes I was exhausted and yet fully recovered. I also slept extremely well that night and had no soreness the next day. I have a simple evaluation methodology for all the products and or technology I investigate. I have three basic requirements. They must be affordable, obviously effective, and easy to use. In addition, they need to be safe, scientifically proven and be from ethical companies.  Debbie Hawkins – researcher and guinea pig…if you don’t try it yourself how can you recommend it.

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