Mompreneurship : Balancing Motherhood and Career Success Henderson Edition


by:  Dayana Fernandez

In the emerging complex society women have a vital role to play in different sectors, they are wives, mothers, teachers, advisors, business owners, professionals, students and much more. By 2020 Henderson, Las Vegas and Paradise cities in Nevada had a total of 8,375 business owned by women, providing a total of 70,423 of employment and $5 billion or more of revenue, its particularly important to emphasize that lot of this women are moms as well. A woman who is a mother and ventures into entrepreneurship is known as mompreneur. In recent years, this concept has gained significant attention as more mothers strive to balance the demands of motherhood with their entrepreneurial aspirations. This article delves into the challenges, rewards, and strategies associated with mompreneurship, exploring how women navigate the delicate balance between motherhood and career success.

Finding balance between raising a family and running a business can be a major challenge. The challenge lies in effectively managing time and energy to meet both personal and professional commitments, often moms find themselves changing diapers while responding to the demands of their businesses. Lack of time for self-care, the constant feeling of being pulled in different directions, and the guilt associated with dividing attention between family and business are common hurdles faced by mompreneurs. The lack of self-care is an inherent challenge that comes with motherhood itself and could get worse when the entrepreneur factor is added to the equation.


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Emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual health balance are silence factors that play special role in improving not just the role as a mother but as mompreneur as well. The detriment of self-care will eventually affect family life and the ability to run the business efficiently. These are factors that should be taken seriously and never leave behind as no priority, there are studies showing the close relation between mental workload and quality of life which mompreneurs are not excluded

The financial aspects of being a mompreneur play a crucial role as well. There is an extra layer of financial pressure added to the already demanding role of a mother, because once a mother becomes an entrepreneur, she needs to ensure the well-being of their families while responding to the financial demands of their businesses. Starting and sustaining a business requires financial investment and management.

But not everything are challenges when it comes to momprenurship, there are also unique rewards they experience, in particular the ability to set their own schedules which provides flexibility to prioritize family commitments without compromising their professional pursuits. This flexibility can be especially beneficial during crucial moments in a child’s life, such as school events or medical appointments.

There is also a deep sense of fulfillment these moms experience, as they witness the growth of their families and businesses simultaneously. The skills gained from managing a household – such as multitasking, problem-solving, and effective communication – prove to be valuable assets in the business world. The sense of accomplishment derived from successfully navigating the dual responsibilities of motherhood and entrepreneurship contributes to a strong sense of empowerment.

These are some strategies recommended for mompreneurs to succeed: strategic planning, have a support system, develop good time management which is a critical skill, they must learn to prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance, and establishing clear boundaries between work and family time to maintain a healthy balance. Here are some useful advises for time management for mompreneurs: write down your to do list, prioritize your tasks in order of importance, plan your day the night before, try to be active before work physical activity gets your endorphins going, stimulates metabolism, and activates your fight-or-flight responses in a good way it will motivate you and give you energy, set up your own work environment (look for what make you comfortable), start early as possible, give yourself deadlines, and stick to them, for every 50 minutes you spend working, give yourself a 10 minute refresh period and even if you feel stuck commit to working on the task for 5 minutes.

Building a reliable support network is equally important. This may include delegating household tasks, seeking assistance from family members or childcare services, and surrounding oneself with a community of like-minded individuals. Networking with other mompreneurs can provide valuable insights, tips, and emotional support, fostering a sense of camaraderie. Social media plays a crucial role, Henderson and Nevada in general have several groups on Facebook dedicated to support moms into businesses. The support in these groups is noticeably strong, they have monthly and weekly spaces to give and receive support for their business, some of them schedule meetings and create spaces to share and provide resources to their members.

Moreover, leveraging technology can be a game-changer for mompreneurs. Utilizing digital tools for communication, project management, and marketing can streamline business operations, freeing up time for family commitments. Embracing remote work and flexible arrangements can further enhance the ability to manage both personal and professional responsibilities.

Mompreneurship is a dynamic and evolving concept that reflects the changing landscape of modern motherhood. It’s clear mompreneurs have challenges, rewards, and strategies to navigate, they need to discover ways to find and keep emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual health balance while they raise their families and their businesses. The support system the mompreneur has around her is the most important team she can have, which should be present and connected with her throughout her journey, these should be people she can trust, contributing to her integral wellbeing, and helping her to move forward. One of the most valuable resources mompreneurs in Henderson have, is the networking support from their communities not just in social media but in real life as well, which is not easy to find in other contexts and should be deeply appreciate and strengthen. Ultimately, mompreneurship highlights the resilience and strength of women who dare to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while embracing the joys of motherhood. Never being a mom should be a reason to stop dreaming but be the fuel that is needed to keep going despite any adversity.


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