Henderson 2000 to Date - Did You Know

Henderson New Millennium: Growth and Innovation (2000-2009)

With the turn of the millennium, Henderson, Nevada, embarked on a journey of remarkable growth and innovation. This period marked the city’s transformation into a modern urban center, showcasing resilience and forward-thinking.

Henderson's Evolution in the 21st Century (2020 to Date)

Reflecting on Henderson’s journey from 2000 to the present day reveals a city consistently embracing change and innovation. This era has been characterized by dynamic economic growth, educational advancements, cultural enrichment, and a commitment to building a future.  These developments have transformed Henderson into a vibrant, modern city, renowned for its quality of life. The city’s ability to adapt to changing times while maintaining a strong sense of community is a testament to its resilience and forward-thinking approach.  As we look towards Henderson’s future, it’s clear the city will continue to evolve. Henderson’s story, still being written, remains an inspiring example of urban development done right.

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Hundreds of Interesting Facts about Henderson

2000 to Date - Henderson - Did You Know... (Part 1)

Cadence Community Development (2014):  Cadence, a 2,200-acre master-planned community, began in Henderson, featuring unique amenities like a 50-acre central park and a free bike-share program.

Henderson Hospital Opening (2016):  Henderson Hospital opened in 2016, offering state-of-the-art medical facilities and services, including a neonatal intensive care unit.

Largest Recreational Facility (2006): Henderson opened its largest recreational facility, the Multigenerational Center at Liberty Pointe, featuring aquatic centers, gyms, and outdoor amenities.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park (2014):  Cowabunga Bay, a large water park featuring numerous slides and attractions, opened in Henderson in 2014, becoming a popular summer destination.

Google Data Center (2019):  Google began construction of a $600 million data center in Henderson, signifying a major investment in the city’s technology infrastructure.

Raiders Headquarters and Training Facility (2020): Las Vegas Raiders’ headquarters and training facility opened in Henderson in 2020, making the city an integral part of the NFL team’s operations.

Union Village Development (2015):  Henderson saw the groundbreaking of Union Village, a unique integrated health village combining healthcare, housing, retail, and entertainment.

Ethel M Chocolates Factory Expansion (2016):   Ethel M Chocolates underwent a significant expansion in 2016, enhancing its factory tour experience and cactus garden in Henderson.

Henderson West Development (2018):  Henderson announced the development of Henderson West, a planned mixed-use community aimed at creating a live-work-play environment.

Silver Knights Arena (2022):  Vegas Golden Knights announced plans to build an arena for their AHL affiliate, the Silver Knights, in Henderson.

Henderson’s 20th Anniversary (2003): Henderson celebrated its 50th anniversary, marking half a century since its incorporation with various community events and festivities.

Inspirada Community Development (2007):  The development of Inspirada, a master-planned community in Henderson, began, featuring a network of parks and open spaces.

Water Street District Revitalization (Early 2000s): In early 2000s, Henderson began a major revitalization of its historic Water Street District, transforming it into a vibrant downtown area.

Discovery Children’s Museum (2003): In 2003, Henderson opened the Discovery Children’s Museum, providing interactive educational exhibits and programs for kids and families.

Henderson Pavilion Renovation (2019):  The Henderson Pavilion underwent a major renovation, enhancing its status as a premier outdoor concert and event venue.

Ascaya Development (2015): In 2015, Ascaya, a luxury residential development in the foothills of the McCullough Range, began selling properties, offering some of the most exclusive homes in Henderson.

Lifeguard Arena (2020): Lifeguard Arena, a practice facility for the Henderson Silver Knights and a community ice complex, opened in 2020.

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve Expansion (2008): The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve expanded its facilities, enhancing birdwatching and educational opportunities.

Touro University Growth (2000s):  Touro University Nevada saw significant growth in the 2000s, expanding its health sciences and education programs in Henderson.

Lake Las Vegas Revitalization (2010s): Lake Las Vegas area underwent a major revitalization in the 2010s, rebounding from the economic downturn with new developments and amenities.

Downtown Henderson Art Installations (2000s):  In the 2000s, Downtown Henderson saw the installation of various public art pieces, enhancing the cultural appeal of the city center.

Cornerstone Park Development (2013):   Cornerstone Park, a 100-acre park featuring a 31-acre lake, walking trails, and picnic areas, opened in Henderson in 2013.

Henderson’s Smart City Strategy (2018):  Henderson implemented a ‘Smart City’ strategy, focusing on technology-driven solutions for urban development and sustainability.

St. Rose Parkway Growth (2000s):  The 2000s saw significant commercial and residential growth along St. Rose Parkway, making it a key area of development in Henderson.

Emergency Room Expansion (2017):  Henderson Hospital expanded its emergency room facilities, significantly enhancing emergency healthcare services for residents.

Legacy Golf Club Championship (2000s):  Legacy Golf Club in Henderson has hosted several championship events since the 2000s, attracting golfers from around the world.

Henderson Community Garden (2009):  Henderson established its first community garden, promoting urban agriculture and community engagement.

Acacia Park Renovation (2015):  Acacia Park underwent a major renovation in 2015, adding new recreational amenities and beautifying the area.

Henderson’s Bicycle-Friendly Community Award (2010):  In  2010, Henderson was recognized as a Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.

Green Valley Ranch Resort Expansion (2000s):  Green Valley Ranch Resort underwent significant expansion in the 2000s, adding more hotel rooms, a spa, and conference facilities?

Major Solar Energy Project (2017): Henderson embarked on a major solar energy project, installing solar panels on many city buildings to promote sustainability

Historic Water Street Redevelopment (2010s): Water Street District underwent significant redevelopment in the 2010s, revitalizing Henderson’s original ‘downtown’ area.

Roseman University of Health Sciences Growth (2000s):  Roseman University of Health Sciences, located in Henderson, experienced significant growth in the 2000s, expanding its range of health-related educational programs?

First Female Mayor (2009): In 2009, Henderson elected its first female mayor, Debra March, marking a significant milestone in the city’s history.

Innovative Flood Control Measures (2012): Henderson implemented innovative flood control measures, significantly reducing flood risks in the city.

Outdoor Classroom Program (2014): Henderson introduced an Outdoor Classroom program in 2014, integrating nature-based learning experiences for local students.


2000 to Date - Henderson - Did You Know... (Part 2)

Solar Energy Initiatives (2015):  Henderson launched several solar energy initiatives, installing solar panels in public spaces and buildings to promote renewable energy.

Henderson’s First Dog Park (2003):  Henderson opened its first dog park in 2003, providing a dedicated space for pet owners and their dogs to socialize and exercise.

Public Art Master Plan (2007): Henderson adopted a Public Art Master Plan in 2007, outlining a strategy to integrate public art throughout the city

Historic Preservation Efforts (2000s): In the 2000s, Henderson increased its efforts in historic preservation, safeguarding numerous historic buildings and sites?

Green Valley High School Achievements (2001): Green Valley High School in Henderson was nationally recognized for its academic and extracurricular programs.

Advanced Water Treatment Facility (2008):  In 2008, Henderson opened an advanced water treatment facility, significantly enhancing the city’s water management and conservation capabilities.

Award-Winning Parks and Recreation Department (2010):  In 2010, Henderson’s Parks and Recreation Department received national recognition for its outstanding services and facilities.

Tech-Friendly City Recognition (2011):  Henderson was recognized as a tech-friendly city, thanks to its initiatives to integrate technology into city services and infrastructure.

Enhanced Recycling Programs (2009):  Henderson enhanced its recycling programs in 2009, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility among residents.

Community Bike Share Program (2017): Henderson launched a community bike-share program, providing an eco-friendly transportation option for residents and visitors.

Henderson’s Growth in Healthcare Sector (2000s): Throughout the 2000s, Henderson saw significant growth in its healthcare sector, with the opening of new clinics and specialty medical centers.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area Designation (2002):  The Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area was officially designated, protecting over 48,000 acres near Henderson and its unique petroglyphs.

Henderson’s First Vegan Restaurant (2018): Henderson welcomed its first entirely vegan restaurant, reflecting the city’s growing diversity in dining options.

Introduction of Autonomous Shuttles (2017):  Henderson became one of the first cities in Nevada to test autonomous shuttle buses, showcasing its commitment to smart city initiatives.

Major Roadway Expansion Projects (2000s):  Henderson underwent several major roadway expansion projects in the 2000s, including enhancements to major thoroughfares to accommodate the growing population.

Community-Based Policing Model Adoption (2005): In 2005, the Henderson Police Department adopted a community-based policing model, focusing on building stronger relationships with residents.

New Public Library Branches Opening (2000s):  In the 2000s, Henderson opened several new public library branches to serve its rapidly expanding community.

Innovative Water Reclamation Efforts (2015): In 2015, Henderson implemented innovative water reclamation efforts to conserve and reuse water resources more efficiently.

Henderson’s Art and Culture Festival Expansion (2010): The annual Henderson Art and Culture Festival expanded to include more local and regional artists, becoming a significant cultural event?

Development of West Henderson (2000s-2010s): The development of West Henderson, with new residential communities and commercial areas, significantly increased in the 2000s and 2010s.

Solar Power Initiatives in City Facilities (2016): Henderson initiated solar power projects in various city facilities, furthering its commitment to renewable energy.

Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting (2011):  Henderson received an award for excellence in financial reporting, highlighting the city’s commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Establishment of Henderson’s First Skate Park (2001):  Henderson opened its first skate park, providing a dedicated space for skateboarding and rollerblading enthusiasts.

Heritage Street Historical Homes (2001):  Heritage Street in Henderson was developed to showcase historical homes representing different architectural styles from the city’s past.

Henderson’s First Craft Brewery (2015):  Henderson opened its first craft brewery, signaling the city’s growing interest in the craft beer movement.

Largest Solar Array in the City (2018):  Henderson unveiled the largest solar array in the city, contributing significantly to local sustainable energy efforts.

Henderson’s Outdoor Art Galleries (2003): Henderson introduced outdoor art galleries in 2003, displaying public art in various neighborhoods across the city.

Green Valley Ranch Library Opening (2002):  Green Valley Ranch Library opened in 2002, becoming a key cultural and educational center in Henderson.

Henderson’s First Zero-Energy Building (2016):  Henderson welcomed its first zero-energy public building, showcasing cutting-edge energy efficiency and sustainability.

Introduction of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (2017):  Henderson introduced multiple electric vehicle charging stations, promoting eco-friendly transportation.

Henderson’s Wildlife Conservation Efforts (2004): Henderson initiated wildlife conservation efforts, focusing on protecting local species and their habitats.

Lake Las Vegas Sports Club Launch (2016):  Lake Las Vegas Sports Club, offering luxury fitness and leisure facilities, opened in 2016.

Downtown Henderson Pedestrian-Friendly Project (2019):  In 2019, a major project began to make Downtown Henderson more pedestrian-friendly, including wider sidewalks and improved crosswalks.

Henderson’s Tech and Innovation Hub Initiative (2018): Hnderson launched an initiative to become a regional hub for technology and innovation companies.

Black Mountain Recreation Center Upgrades (2010):  In 2010, significant upgrades were made to the Black Mountain Recreation Center, enhancing its facilities for residents.

Henderson’s First Sustainable Park (2007):  Henderson opened its first sustainable park, featuring eco-friendly design and practices.

Henderson’s Commemorative Air Force Museum (2014):  In 2014, Henderson opened a Commemorative Air Force Museum, dedicated to preserving historical aircraft and aviation history.

Henderson’s Involvement in Regional Transit Planning (2005):  Henderson played a significant role in regional transit planning, helping shape future transportation networks in the area.

Green Valley High School Robotics Achievements (2010):  Green Valley High School’s robotics team gained national recognition for their achievements in technology and engineering competitions.

Henderson International Film Festival (2012): Henderson hosted its first International Film Festival, attracting filmmakers and enthusiasts from around the globe.

2000 to Date - Henderson - Did You Know... (Part 3)

Henderson’s First Public Art Trail (2008):  In 2008, Henderson established its first public art trail, featuring sculptures and installations by local and regional artists.

Henderson Police Department’s Forensic Laboratory (2008):  The  Henderson Police Department opened its own state-of-the-art forensic laboratory, one of the few municipal labs in the country.

National Gold Medal Award for Excellence (2004):  The City of Henderson’s Parks and Recreation Department received the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence.

Mission Hills Park Expansion (2010):  Mission Hills Park underwent a significant expansion in 2010, adding new sports fields and amenities.

Henderson’s First Large-Scale Solar Project (2006):  Henderson launched its first large-scale solar energy project, installing solar panels on several city buildings.

Henderson’s Inclusive Playground (2012):  In 2012, Henderson opened its first inclusive playground, designed to be accessible for children of all abilities.

Henderson Multigenerational Indoor Pool (2007):  Henderson opened its first multigenerational indoor pool, providing a year-round aquatic facility for residents.

Downtown Henderson Redevelopment (2015):  In 2015, Downtown Henderson underwent a major redevelopment, revitalizing the historic Water Street District.

Introduction of Smart Water Meters (2016):  Henderson began introducing smart water meters, enhancing water conservation and management.

Cornerstone Park’s Inaugural Festival (2013):  Cornerstone Park held its inaugural festival in 2013, celebrating the opening of this new recreational area.

Green Valley Ranch Resort’s Anniversary Celebration (2010):  In 2010, Green Valley Ranch Resort celebrated its 10th anniversary with a series of special events and festivities.

Henderson’s Record-Breaking Tree Planting (2003):   Henderson broke a record by planting the most trees in one hour, as part of an environmental initiative.

Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club (2017):  The Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club was established, bringing competitive rowing to Henderson’s community.

Henderson’s Innovative Traffic Management System (2009):  Henderson implemented an innovative traffic management system, improving flow and reducing congestion.

Henderson’s Recognition as a Tree City USA (2000):  Henderson has been recognized annually as a Tree City USA for its commitment to urban forestry.

Opening of Lifeguard Arena (2020):  The Lifeguard Arena in Henderson opened as the practice facility for the Henderson Silver Knights and a community ice center.

Heritage Park Senior Facility (2011):  Henderson opened Heritage Park Senior Facility, a state-of-the-art complex providing services and activities for the elderly community.

Shakespeare in the Park Series (2001):  Henderson has hosted the annual “Shakespeare in the Park” series, bringing classic plays to life in outdoor settings.

Veterans Memorial Wall (2004):  Henderson dedicated the Veterans Memorial Wall, honoring the sacrifices of military service members from the community.

Henderson’s First Farmers Market (2000):  Henderson launched its first farmers market in 2000, offering residents access to fresh, locally sourced produce and goods.

‘Start Tank’ Entrepreneurial Program (2018):  Henderson introduced the ‘Start Tank’ initiative, a program aimed at fostering local entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Lake Mead Christian Academy Expansion (2009): Lake Mead Christian Academy in Henderson expanded in 2009, adding new facilities to accommodate its growing student body.

Henderson’s Water Reuse Program (2010):  Henderson implemented an advanced water reuse program in 2010, significantly contributing to water conservation efforts in the city.

Solar Power at City Facilities (2005):  In 2005, Henderson began installing solar panels at city facilities, significantly reducing energy costs and promoting sustainable practices.

First 3D-Printed Home in Henderson (2021):  Henderson welcomed its first 3D-printed home, showcasing innovative construction techniques.

Henderson’s Participation in Regional Climate Initiatives (2017): Henderson actively participated in regional climate initiatives in 2017, focusing on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Historic District Preservation Efforts (2019):  In 2019, Henderson increased its efforts to preserve and restore historic districts, aiming to maintain the city’s rich heritage.

Introduction of Hybrid Buses (2008):  Henderson introduced hybrid buses into its public transportation fleet, reducing emissions and improving efficiency.

Host of National Sports Tournaments (2016):  Henderson hosted several national sports tournaments, including soccer and softball championships.

Technology and Cybersecurity Initiatives (2014):  In 2014, Henderson implemented new technology and cybersecurity initiatives to protect city infrastructure and services.

Education and Cultural Advancements (2005-2009)

Education took center stage in Henderson’s development during the mid-2000s. The establishment of Nevada State College in 2002 marked a significant milestone. As the first state college in Henderson, it played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s educational landscape, providing higher education opportunities to a growing population.

Cultural development also gained momentum. The Henderson Pavilion, the largest outdoor amphitheater in Nevada, opened in 2006, becoming a cultural landmark. It hosted various events, from concerts to community gatherings, enhancing Henderson’s cultural scene.

Development and Community Engagement (2010-2019)

As Henderson moved into the second decade of the new millennium, the focus shifted towards sustainable development and community engagement. The city embraced eco-friendly initiatives, balancing growth with environmental stewardship.

Embracing Green Initiatives (2010-2014)

Henderson’s commitment to long term thinking became evident in the early 2010s. The city implemented green programs, from recycling initiatives to solar energy projects. These efforts not only reduced the environmental footprint but also promoted a culture of sustainability among residents.

Parks and recreational spaces also saw enhancements. The city invested in creating and upgrading public parks, making them more eco-friendly and accessible. These green spaces provided residents with areas to relax, play, and connect with nature.

Community Involvement and Technological Advancements (2015-2019)

Community involvement grew significantly during this period. Henderson’s local government fostered a participatory approach, encouraging residents to engage in city planning and decision-making. This inclusive strategy strengthened the bond between the city and its citizens, creating a sense of shared responsibility for Henderson’s future.

Technological advancements were also notable. The city integrated smart technology into its infrastructure, improving services from traffic management to public safety. These tech-forward initiatives positioned Henderson as a leader in urban innovation and smart city solutions.


As we all know, Henderson is an exciting city and is really a 24/7 city.  To list the city highlights of decades to a small list is really an injustice.  Space is limited. However, if you think we left an important date out of our list, please click the contact button below and share your information. Thank you.

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