The Police and Las Vegas

Overview of the Henderson Police Department

The Henderson Police Department is a key institution in maintaining law and order in Henderson, Nevada, known for its commitment to community safety and service.  The department is dedicated to preserving public safety and enhancing the quality of life in Henderson through proactive law enforcement and community policing. Key values include integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to community partnership.  These values manifest in the department’s daily operations and interactions with the community.

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Locations and Facilities of the Henderson Police Department

The Henderson Police Department operates from multiple locations across the city, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility.  Key locations include the West Police Station on Sunset Road, the North Police Station on Burkholder Boulevard, and the Henderson Police Department East Police Station. These strategically placed facilities ensure effective coverage and accessibility for all residents. These locations enhance the department’s ability to serve the community.

Community Policing and Public Engagement

Community policing is a cornerstone of the Henderson Police Department’s approach, focusing on building trust and collaboration with the citizens. Initiatives include community meetings, youth programs, and neighborhood watch groups. Officers often participate in local events and forums to foster open communication and collaboration with residents.  These community policing efforts have huge impact on public safety and trust in law enforcement.  

Police Facility in Henderson

The following are the names, locations and phone number of the three police stations within Henderson, NV 

Henderson Police Department
Address: 223 Lead St, Henderson, NV 89015
Phone: 702-267-5000

North Police Station
Address: 225 E Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89011
Phone: 702-267-5000

West Police Station
Address: 300 S Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89012
Phone: 702-267-5000

Fallen Heroes Never Forgotten for Henderson Police

Edward Byrne – February 26, 1988
Russell Peterson – September 24, 1969

Training and Professional Development

The Henderson Police Department emphasizes continuous training and professional development to ensure a highly skilled and responsive police force.   Training programs cover advanced law enforcement techniques, crisis intervention, community relations, and ethical policing practices. These programs are designed to keep officers well-equipped to handle various challenges in modern policing.   These training initiatives contribute to the effectiveness and professionalism of the police force.

Crime Prevention and Safety Initiatives

The Henderson Police Department implements various crime prevention and safety initiatives to protect the community and reduce crime rates.  Programs include neighborhood watch schemes, crime prevention workshops, and regular patrols in high-risk areas. The department also uses data-driven approaches to identify and address potential crime hotspots.  All these  initiatives and more is needed to maintain public safety and reducing crime in Henderson. 

For Those Venturing Outside Henderson - Police Facilities within Las Vegas

Listed below is a comprehensive list of police stations and related facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, including their addresses and phone numbers. As you can quickly see, the Police force protecting Las Vegas also has depth and pride in their work.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Address: 6975 W Windmill Ln
Phone: (702) 828-3111

Special Investigations
Address: 6830 Bermuda Rd

Police Dept Inspection Bureau
Address: 101 Convention Ctr Dr #200

Las Vegas Police Department (Various Locations)
Address: 5880 Cameron St
Address: 4591 W Russell Rd
Address: 3141 Sunrise Ave 
Address: 621 N 9th St
Address: 1851 Stella Lake St
Address: 9850 W Cheyenne Ave

Clark County Sheriffs Civil
Address: 330 S Casino Center Blvd

District Attorney Criminal Div
Address: 200 S 3rd St

Training Bureau
Address: 861 N Mojave Rd

Las Vegas Metro Police Department (Area Commands)

Bolden Area Command: 1851 Stella Lake,
Phone: (702) 828-3347

Convention Center Area Command: 750 Sierra Vista,
Phone: (702) 828-6430

Downtown Area Command: 621 North 9th St.,
Phone: (702) 828-4348

Enterprise Area Command: 6975 W. Windmill Lane,
Phone:  702-828-2843

Northeast Area Command: 3750 Cecile Ave., 
Phone :  702-828-3403

Northwest Area Command: 9850 W. Cheyenne,
Phone: 702-828-3426

South Central Area Command: 4860 S. Las Vegas Blvd.,
Phone:  702-828-8272

Southeast Area Command: 3675 E. Harmon Ave.,
Phone:  702-828-3206

 Spring Valley Area Command: 8445 Eldora Ave., Phone:  702-828-2640

Summerlin Area Command: 11301 Redpoint Drive,
Phone:  702-828-9400

Fallen Heroes Never Forgotten for Las Vegas Police

Truong Thai – October 13, 2022
Justin Terry – June 10, 2022
Jason Swanger – June 24, 2021
Erik Lloyd – July 29, 2020
Charleston Hartfield – October 1, 2017
Alyn Beck – June 8, 2014
Igor Soldo – June 8, 2014
David VanBuskirk – July 23, 2013
Daniel J. Leach – November 21, 2009
Trevor A. Nettleton – November 19, 2009
Milburn Beitel III – October 8, 2009
James Le’Treall Manor – May 7, 2009
Henry Prendes – February 1, 2006
Russell Peterson – March 24, 1998
Donald C. Weese – October 23, 1992
Marc Kahre – October 11, 1988
Clark Anthony Wooldridge – August 14, 1979
James Walter Harbin II – March 18, 1979
James Richard Rogan – February 22, 1978
Sergeant Paul De Weert – October 8, 1967
William Robert Fortye – October 28, 1966
George Hart – November 12, 1957
Wilbur Eugene Mcgee – November 4, 1955
Robert F. Dula, Jr. – April 9, 1955
Winnie Austin Hansen – December 26, 1950
Ernest James May – June 8, 1933

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