Clark County Water Reclamation District

Sewage Treatment Services in Henderson

Henderson’s sewage treatment services are a critical component of the city’s infrastructure, ensuring public health and environmental safety.   The city’s sewage treatment involves collecting wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial sources and processing it through advanced treatment facilities.  This process includes primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary treatments to remove contaminants and ensure the water meets environmental safety standards. 

In Henderson, new residents should contact the City of Henderson’s Customer Care Center at (702) 267-5900 for water and sewer services. Forms and direct payment setup are available at CityOfHenderson.com


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Connecting Sewage Treatment to Community Well-being

Sewage treatment services in Henderson play a pivotal role in safeguarding public health and protecting the environment.  Properly treated wastewater prevents the spread of diseases and protects water sources from contamination. The city’s commitment to effective sewage treatment helps maintain clean waterways and contributes to the overall health of local ecosystems. 

Contact Clark County Water Reclamation District

Main Address:
5857 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89122

Service Centers
Customer Service: (702) 668-8888
Design Engineering: (702) 668-8142
Developer Inspectors: (702) 668-8205
Development& Planning Services: (702) 668-8160
Pretreatment: (702) 668-8076
Procurement Solutions: (702) 668-8090

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday, 7:30a-4:30p

Mail Payments To:
Clark County Water Reclamation District
PO Box 512210
Los Angeles, CA 90051-0210

Odor Complaints & Sewer Spill
Phone: 702-668-8354

Sewage Services for Areas Outside Henderson / Las Vegas

 * Residents in North Las Vegas must set up and pay their waste and sewer bills through the City of North Las Vegas Utilities Business Service. Service can be set up at CityOfNorthLasvegas.com.


Challenges and Future Outlook in Sewage Treatment in Henderson

As Henderson continues to grow, the sewage treatment system faces challenges and looks towards future developments to guarantee continued efficiency and sustainability.  Challenges include managing increased waste volumes due to population growth and adapting to changing environmental regulations. Future developments will focus on expanding treatment capacity, further integrating green technologies, and enhancing water recycling programs. 

Importance of Efficient Sewage Management

The efficient management of wastewater not only safeguards public health but also plays a crucial role in preserving the environment and supporting sustainable urban development. Recognizing the importance of these services helps in appreciating the complexities and necessities of urban waste management.  The advancement and innovation in sewage treatment in Henderson are vital for ensuring a healthier and more sustainable city, reflective of a commitment to environmental stewardship and public well-being.

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