Henderson Detention Center

The Role of Detention Centers

Henderson hosts a detention center playing a crucial role in the city’s law enforcement and judicial system. This facility is designed to fulfill public safety and the effective administration of justice.  What functions does a detention center serve in Henderson? The Henderson Detention Center, for example, primarily houses individuals awaiting trial or serving short sentences. This facility is crucial for maintaining law and order in the city, providing a secure environment for detainees. It is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to ensure safety, security, and basic needs of the inmates.

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The Role and Importance of Detention Centers

Detention centers in Las Vegas are not merely holding facilities but crucial elements of the criminal justice system. They ensure the smooth functioning of legal processes, offering modern amenities while adhering to strict security standards. These centers handle everything from temporary detainment to longer-term holding of individuals awaiting trial or serving short sentences.


Locations of Henderson & Area Detention Centers

Henderson Detention Center

18 E Basic Rd.
Henderson, NV 89015


Clark County Detention Center

330 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101.
Email: ccdc@lvmpd.com.
Key Note: This center provides comprehensive services, including inmate searches and general information.

City Of Las Vegas Detention Center

Phone Number: For any queries, dial 702-229-6444.
Address: Located at 3300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101.
Key Note: It is important to note this is a separate facility from the Clark County Detention Center.

Security Measures and Protocols in Henderson’s Detention Center

Security is a top priority in Henderson’s detention center, ensuring the safety of both inmates and staff.  What security measures are in place at Henderson’s detention center? Facility is equipped with advanced security systems, including surveillance cameras, controlled access points, and regular security checks. Trained staff and correctional officers are present to maintain order and respond to any incidents. These stringent security protocols are essential for preventing escapes and ensuring the safety of all individuals within the facility.

Legal and Ethical Standards in Detention Center Operations

Henderson’s detention center operates under strict legal and ethical standards to ensure fair and humane treatment of inmates.  This facility adheres to state and federal laws regarding the rights and treatment of inmates. This includes providing adequate healthcare, ensuring personal safety, and protecting against any form of abuse or discrimination. Ethical practices are fundamental in maintaining the dignity and rights of those in custody.

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