Clark County Nevada - Understanding Business Licensing

Business License in Clark County

Listed below are the key items for securing a business license. For specific details on rules, fees, and the application process, we do suggest consulting the official websites of the City of Las Vegas Business Licensing Division, Clark County Business License Department, and the Nevada Secretary of State. Since regulations and fees can change.

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Determine Your Business Type

Identify Your Business Activity: Before applying for a license, understand the nature of your business. This will dictate the type of license you need.

Determine Your Business Location

Obviously you know the business location of where you are placing your business, but what jurisdiction do you fall under?  Jurisdiction boundaries are not straight lines, they are odd shapes and make sure you start off correctly. Below is the general information for business license in Las Vegas.  In addition to Las Vegas, there are five other business licensing agencies in Clark County, NV are:

The City of Hendersonthe City of Las Vegasthe City of North Las VegasBoulder City and the City of Mesquite

Explaining The Business License Application Process

General Business License: For most businesses, a general license is sufficient. It’s simpler and doesn’t usually require a police background check.

How to Apply: You can apply online or by filling out the Clark County Business License Application Form. Visit the Clark County website for detailed instructions.

Business Licensing Fees

Initial Application Fee: There’s a non-refundable fee of $45.00 for processing your application.  License Fee: This varies based on your business type and activities.

Additional Requirements for Specific Businesses

Contractors: If you are a contractor, you might need to complete additional forms like the Multi-Jurisdictional Supplemental for New License Application Form.

Charitable Organizations: They have unique requirements, including Charitable Registration and Solicitation forms.

Compliance and Inspections

Safety Inspections: Ensure your business passes necessary inspections (fire, health, building, zoning) for the license to be issued or renewed.  Adherence to Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local ordinances and industry-specific regulations.

State Registration

Nevada State Business License: Register your business with the Nevada Secretary of State.

DBA Registration: If operating under a fictitious name, register with the Clark County Clerk’s Office.


Nevada Department of Taxation: Depending on your business, you may need to register with the state taxation department.

Do You Need More Help?

In-Person Assistance: Clark County offices can provide guidance. It’s a good idea to visit them if you need clarification.

Consulting Professionals: Consider hiring a local business attorney or consultant, especially if your business has complex legal or regulatory requirements.


By following these steps and utilizing available resources, you can successfully navigate the process of obtaining a business license in Clark County, Nevada. Remember, thorough preparation and understanding of local regulations are key to a smooth start for your business venture. This information is provided as a free service and we are not a lawyer or providing this information for any income potential. Thank you.

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