The Future of Exotic Hybrid Supercars - Henderson Edition


by: White Wolf

Supercars are always pushing the limits of possible. Roaring engines and sleek designs were always a trademark of the supercars. Looking forward into the future, hybrid technologies, like it or not, will be a part of future supercars.  Change is driven by the evolution of environmental standards, advancing technologies and buyers preferences. Let’s try and justify these changes.

Power and Efficiency

Thinking about a hybrid car we all picture a slow old Prius in our heads. Please behold, supercars are different. They will always stay true to their performance. Big engines will be replaced with smaller engines, also known as downsizing. With the assistance of modern hybrid technology even current models have amazing performance, surpassing traditional setups. Technology also makes cars fuel efficient and quiet when needed, being extremely handy when trying to make a quiet escape completely unnoticed. Additionally, with the assistance of electric motors, hybrid supercars provide an unmatched torque curve. Maximum torque is instantly available from a standstill helping the cars to accelerate with a great force.

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Technological Advancements

Hybrid technology is advancing each day. Looking at our old Prius, the range was nothing to brag about. Over the years, with rapid development of the batteries, most current hybrid supercars can surpass Prius’s range. But let’s be honest. Hybrid technology with all the electric motors wasn’t placed in supercars because we wanted to save the whales, but to increase performance…. And yes, supercar manufacturers are doing a great job.

Not just hybrid technology is developing. When we take a closer look at new materials being developed and all the work with aerodynamics, we can agree technology is taking huge steps forward. Reducing weight and all the aero witchcraft helps modern supercars achieve the unachievable.

Environmental Impact

I know, I know…. As a person able to afford a supercar, your first concern is not the environment (except at public events). But we must face it. With the use of hybrid technologies, modern supercars pollute way less than their predecessors. Some cars enable you to drive in fully electric mode and come handy in city centers or in bumper to bumper traffic. Without knowing or wanting you are reducing emissions automatically.

Governments are also pushing hard to reduce the emission of cars and now even supercars can comply. With these technologies car makers were able to approach their wildest modes to go along with government regulations.

Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

Days of the dinosaurs like me, preferring the Lamborghini Countach’s V12 (btw, which is ridiculously slow by today’s standards) are over. Buyers today are leaning toward eco-friendly high performance vehicles. I do agree with them, it makes sense. Getting better performance, lower maintenance costs, fuel consumption and keeping 100% of the thrill is a winning combination. Therefore the market for hybrid supercars is expanding and manufacturers are following the trend. Investing in technologies of the future is pushing automakers to develop cars unimaginable a few years ago. I have to admit, if the markets would not follow the demand of the buyers, we would still be going around on the horse backs. Therefore we have to get ready and embrace the future demands of younger generations.

Challenges and Opportunities

It’s not as easy as going to Walmart, buying 2 Hoovers, ripping the motors out and putting them in your Civic. Supercar manufacturers face many challenges adopting hybrid technologies. Main concern is the weight of the battery. Supercars should be lightweight to improve handling but batteries are opposed to the idea. Complexity of the systems add to the production costs of the vehicles and there are improvements to be made.

On the other hand, hybrid technologies offer some solutions. Regenerative braking eases stress on the conventional brakes and extends their lifespan. Intelligent driving modes will save on fuel and be kinder to the environment. With development you can be sure we will see more and more advantages of the technologies.

The Role of Autonomous Technology

Well who cares…. We are real men and die like ones, therefore we drive without the airbags. Just pointing out a sentence from 30+ years ago. Today we can not imagine buying a car with a malfunctioning airbag. The same goes for autonomous technology. It is not designed to take driving pleasure away, but to assist you in critical situations. Emergency braking assist, radar assisted cruise control, lane assist, just to name a few are making modern cars safer. The technology is present in most modern cars, so why not embrace it and take a little nap on the I15 driving back from California (not suggesting you do it).

Iconic Models Leading the Way

There are several car manufacturers experimenting with the idea of hybrid supercar. Some time ago Ferrari presented a LaFerrari model featuring hybrid technology. Just before them McLaren with P1 and Porsche presented their hybrid models. Today the Ferrari SF90 is a combination of twin-turbo powered V8 engine combined with three electric motors. Ferrari 296 features a V6 engine combined with electric motors. McLaren Artura also features a twin-turbo V6 engine paired with an electric motor. Followed by many other super or exotic car manufacturers, these brands paved the way for the future of hybrid supercars.

Looking Ahead

Like it or not, the future is here. We, the people, have a hard time adapting to new things. At the end when we embrace them, they seamlessly become parts of our lives (remember the airbags mentioned before). One thing we can be sure of, technology is developing in direction to be more pleasing and make supercars more drivable on a day to day basis and even on racetracks. Embrace the shift!


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