Lamborghini’s Design Philosophy - Henderson Edition


by: White Wolf

Lamborghini started producing supercars in the early sixties of the twentieth century. Company is based in northern Italy. At the beginning they were producing tractors and air conditioning systems. Their cars are known for their extreme design and amazing performance. With the evolution of design they never stopped shocking the automotive world since their first model. 

Early BeginningsFounder Ferruccio Lamborghini was a successful businessman and engineer, who built his fortune with designing and producing affordable tractors for small farmers. After his famous dispute with Enzo Ferrari he decided to create his own supercars and beat his rival. In 1964 he introduced the first model 350 GT. Car was well designed and accepted by buyers. Although in 1966 they revealed the famous Miura model. Miura set the new standards for the design of future models and new for supercars in general. Miura was the first mid-engined car ever produced. With mid-engine layout and sleek, flowing lines Miura truly set the Lamborghini apart from other supercar manufacturers.

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Aerodynamics and Modeling

The Wedge EraDuring the 1970s and 1980s design became more aggressive and futuristic. With the presentation of Countach the era of wedge design began. Car was designed in Bertone Design Studio under the supervision of Marcello Gandini. The Countach featured an angular, wedge-shaped body with scissor doors. The scissor doors became a trademark for future Lamborghini cars. The overall appearance of the Countach created the illusion of the car moving fast even though it was stationary. The silhouette of Lamborghini during this era became more distinctive, influencing the design of sports cars globally.

The 1990sWith the presentation of Diablo in early 90s some harsh angles were softened but dramatic presence was kept. During the 90s Lamborghini was under the ownership of Chrysler. With backup from the automotive giant they were able to include considerable updates in terms of performance and comfort. Diablo announced the shift towards more reliable, comfortable and easy to drive supercars without compromising on performance.
2000s Onwards2000s brought us two new models, Murcielago and Gallardo. Under the new ownership of VW group they joined Lamborghini’s traditional design with the latest technology. Murcielago was still powered with a traditional V12 engine but introduced better aerodynamics and more sophisticated style. A smaller Gallardo marked the new era for Lamborghini. With the introduction of cheaper and more agile supercars usable in everyday life, they spread their market reach a lot. 

Current TimeWith the introduction of Aventador in 2011 the new era began. It featured a monocoque made out of carbon fiber announcing use of light weight materials in future models. They managed to design a car featuring both sleek and aggressive lines keeping sharp lines significant to the brand.
More recent models like the Huracan and Urus continue the philosophy integrating best technology with breathtaking design. Huracan replaced the Gallardo and with the Urus company entered the segment of very popular SUVs. Even being an SUV, Urus kept all the brand’s core values of design and performance.

Looking to the Future: Electrification and BeyondLamborghini is getting ready for the next stage of evolution. Pushing towards electrification with models like the Terzo and Millennio and announcing hybrid models. There is no doubt they will stay committed to performance and mind blowing design and keep helping to shape the future of supercars. With their enthusiasm and design Lamborghini is here to stay.


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