Top Beauty Services to Enjoy During Hot Summer Days: Henderson Edition


by: Eleanor Palmer

Undoubtedly, the temperature is soaring, and it’s only fitting when you should also scale up your beauty routine a bit further to look and feel your best. Here are the top beauty services to tide you over for these scorching summer months and ensure you’ll be looking cool and feeling pampered.

Hydrating Facials: The summer sun could prove to be very unforgiving to one’s skin and cause dryness and dehydration.

There are hydrating facials, like the very famous Hydrafacial, it would exfoliate and hydrate the skin to the extreme, giving it a refreshed and radiant look. Such treatments enrich your skin with moisture and soothe out its dryness due to sun exposure.

Beauty Hair Nails Spa in Las Vegas

Scalp Treatments: Japanese hair spas definitely have a future because of this. These treatments can last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and typically involve both a luxurious scalp massage and deep conditioning; some even incorporate massage for the shoulders, arms, and neck. They’re excellent not only for healthy hair growth but also for making someone feel nice, with an escape from the heat.

Deep Conditioning Treatments: If you’re getting your hair cut, then consider adding a deep conditioning treatment. Sunlight can dry out and weaken your hair. Deep conditioning treatments allow the repair of damages caused by the sun octave, consequentially leaving hair shiny and healthy. It is an easy step to include it can make a big difference in your new hair appearance and feel.

LED Red Light Therapy: Add red light LED therapy to your treatment if you really want to get next level with your
facials. This kind of therapy might help decrease inflammation and increase collagen. It is what production does to provide some glow to your skin, a truly non-invasive way to enrich your skincare routine in your fight against aging.

Medical Spa Treatments: Medical spas provide high-end treatments well suited for summer. From laser therapy to Botox, fillers, and skin tightening procedures, there is something for everyone. These can target almost every problem with the skin and give a person a refreshed look. In the Green Valley area and Henderson, a number of new locations have opened, such as The Treatment Skin Boutique and LVBS Las Vegas Body Sculpting. It comes with numerous ideas for those seeking to enhance their summer beauty routine.

Body Treatments: Exfoliating and moisturizing body treatments are hot this summer. They remove dead skin cells and bring out excellent blood flow, thus leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. They also are great in preparing the skin to hit the sun and staying in top condition.

Nail Care: Manicures and pedicures are a must during summertime. Pick bright, fun colors scream summer on your part. Keeping up with regular nail care has your hands and feet really looking neat and polished for those sandals.

Sun Protection: Whichever treatments you go for, make sure to include sun protection. The use of products with SPF and applying sunscreen daily are two of the most effective ways to protect your skin from UV rays.

Tips for Enjoy Beauty Services in the Heat: Never walk without water to prevent dehydration. Book in advance and chart out locations so you avoid getting lost in the heat of the sun. If you can, treat yourself with additional services to extend your visit to cool, air-conditioned hangout of a salon or spa.

Supporting the locals will not only benefit the local community but also open up new opportunities to jump on board with anything new and exciting in the way of treatments. Whatever you decide has brought your way this summer, stay cool, stay hydrated, and treat yourself to some much-needed TLC.

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